Inner City Slickers program teaches ethics, builds confidence in teens

By Kay Lynn Roberts-McMurray Just off highway 318, approximately 68 miles out of Ely, is a place called Sunnyside Whipple Ranch, owned and operated by Leota Johnson. For the past several years, Johnson has opened up her ranch to a program … [Read more...]

State approves ambulances

The city of Ely Fire Department and the Ely Volunteer Fire Department announced the ambulances servicing the city has been approved by the state of Nevada, Emergency Medical Services as advanced life support. According to fire officials, it has … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS! Council orders fire department not to cross city borders

The Ely City Council voted to stop sending it's fire personnel (paid staff and volunteers) to emergency situations outside the city limits after a contract agreement with White Pine County terminated at midnight last night. According to Fire Chief … [Read more...]

Donation to athletic programs

The All Class Reunion Committee presented checks to help fund the athletic program at both White Pine Middle School and White Pine High School on June 20. The checks were in the amount of $500 for the middle school and $1,000 for the high school. … [Read more...]

Volunteers work to keep school athletic programs going

With enrollment flat or decreasing and revenues stalling correspondingly, the White Pine County School District is struggling to preserve and advance its middle and high school sports programs, employing students and alumni alike in a battle plan … [Read more...]

New club promises fun and entertainment

  I t’s that time of year again, the big 4th of July holiday weekend; a time when family and friends come back to town to celebrate and catch up on the year past’s most momentous occasions. While there’s plenty to do and see, for many … [Read more...]

White Pine County Sheriff’s Blotter Report

Submitted by the White Pine Sheriff’s Office for June 20 - June 27. Information and spellings of names contained in the blotter are as released by the WPCSO. Information will not be withheld at the requests of persons whose names appear in the … [Read more...]

Great Bathtub Races return to Cave Lake State Park

By Marty Bachman The Great Bathtub Races will be held at Cave Lake State Park on Saturday, with vendors open at 11 a.m. and bathtub racing beginning at 3 p.m. Rubber Ducky, canoe and kayak races begin shortly after the bathtub races have … [Read more...]

Ely City Council moves forward with recycling plans

By Marty Bachman The Ely City Council is moving forward in their quest to operate a recycling center at the city landfill. City administrator Bob Switzer presented a plan as to the placement of the recycling center at the landfill at the council … [Read more...]

Lewis doesn’t know the word ‘quit’

By Marty Bachman   A t 25 years old, Rusty Lewis is typical of most young people his age. He has a wife, a new baby (Ryder) and a job at the Robinson Mine as a driller and relief supervisor. What separates him from his peers though, … [Read more...]