Bundy wants ‘equity,’ BLM wants money

By Thomas Mitchell Officials of the Bureau of Land Management insist Bunkerville cattle rancher Cliven Bundy “owes the American taxpayers in excess of $1 million” in unpaid grazing fees for the past two decades. That was why they closed off … [Read more...]

Editorial: Tom Collins owed all Utahns an apology for insulting them

In a phone conversation with Piute County (Utah) Commissioner Darin Bushman about the possibility of Utah ranchers and ranch hands showing up in the Bunkerville area as a show of support for cattleman Cliven Bundy, whose cattle were being rounded up … [Read more...]

POINT OF VIEW: Shall the government of the City of Ely and White Pine County combine into one governmental unit?

By Richard Howe This question was put before the citizens of White Pine during the General Election of Nov. 2010. The response 1697 (53.16%) in favor to 1495 (46.84) against. For reasons unknown to me this stalled and a deadline passed. It is … [Read more...]


Dear Editor, This letter is in response to the article about unlicensed contractors in the March 28 edition.The article implies that unlicensed contractors are shady fly-by-night crooks and should not be hired. There are several states back … [Read more...]

Officials confident fracking won’t contaminate land

By Thomas Mitchell Recently the Nevada Division of Minerals held a series of public hearings across the state to obtain comments on its new rules regulating hydraulic fracturing, commonly called fracking, used in oil and natural gas wells. At … [Read more...]

Editorial: Western states should take sue and settle tact

Perhaps it is time for Western states to take a page from the tactics of environmentalists — namely, sue and settle. Over and over, federal land agencies are eagerly caving in to radical environmental groups seeking to block just about any human … [Read more...]


By Melody Van Camp Aside from being appointed Mayor, I’m also a small business owner. For 25 years, I’ve been in the sewing business, through the boom and the bust years, mostly the bust! But as the shopping climate changes, through the … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor, I want to commend our law enforcement officers and give thanks for the dedicated service they give to each of us. It was 9:30 p.m., Phil was in bed and I was just getting out of the bathtub when I heard a voice calling. I … [Read more...]

Editorial: Reading is still the first step toward learning

First, you learn to read. Then, you read to learn. If you fail that first step, there is no second step. One state, Florida, has had at least a modicum of success in increasing the number of students proficient in reading and did so without … [Read more...]

Federal agencies using drought to deter ranchers

By Thomas Mitchell There is no doubt the lingering drought is devastating the cattle business across Nevada, but some ranchers say the problem is being exacerbated by inflexible federal land agencies. Though the Nevada drought monitor shows 100 … [Read more...]

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