Trump appointees may hold key to Nevada economic future

What does a Donald Trump presidency forebode for Nevada? It is hard to say, because Trump has never kept a firm grip on any political position for more than a few hours, seemingly changing stances depending on with whom he has spoken most … [Read more...]

State agency orders feds to return stream to church retreat

Over a tiny tract of land — nestled in the middle of the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge northwest of Pahrump that a church uses for a retreat — a state agency has pierced the dark bureaucratic clouds with a ray of sunshine. In 2010 the U.S. … [Read more...]

Nevada election results: The tail wags the dog

Welcome to the state of Clark. The land mass that is Clark County was added to Nevada three years after statehood, carved from a corner of Arizona. It was a part of Lincoln County until 1909, when the Legislature split off Clark County. Clark … [Read more...]

Be cautious before approving another renewable energy project

Nevada continues to be ground zero for all manner of grand schemes to construct ever more grandiose renewable energy projects — egged on by Sen. Harry Reid and the global warming Chicken Littles in the Democratic Party, who are more than willing to … [Read more...]

Who should control the land inside sovereign states?

Apparently the unexpected acquittal in Oregon — on charges of illegally occupying a wildlife refuge to protest the jailing of father and son ranchers over fires that got out of control and burned a few acres of federal public land — has emboldened … [Read more...]

Think tank slams governor’s fiscal policies

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Not just fallen, but precipitously fallen. Every two years the Cato Institute releases its “Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors” — grading each governor from “A” to “F” and ranking them in order of the … [Read more...]

Rural Nevadans need to protect our interest in Washington

We cannot emphasize this enough: It is vital for rural Nevadans to turn out next Tuesday and send three conservative Republicans back to Washington for the sake of our economy and our liberty. Reps. Joe Heck, Cresent Hardy and Mark Amodei already … [Read more...]

A Nation divided then and now

By Ron Knecht and Geoffrey Lawrence  Disagreement is part of human nature, especially in any society that values people as unique individuals. Geoff was reminded of that recently when he and his sainted wife Jenna watched a reenactment of the … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

To the Voters of White Pine County, I Richard Carney am endorsing Rusty Lewis for County Commissioner. I believe he will represent and protect White Pine County’s interests and assets better than the other two candidates running for that … [Read more...]

Voters should dump a tax, add a tax and end a monopoly

Nevada and many other states were well on the way to breaking up the electricity monopolies 15 years ago until the Enron market manipulation debacle that led to blackouts and price spikes scared lawmakers off. A free market was not the problem, it … [Read more...]