Classic Rock showdown: Petty vs. Eagles

By Ron Knecht and Geoffrey Lawrence Recently, the beautiful Mrs. Lawrence and Geoff saw a show they’d eagerly anticipated in which two talented cover bands squared off and the crowd got to decide which of their namesake bands reigned supreme.  It … [Read more...]

Press fights for your right to observe justice while it happens

The Las Vegas Review-Journal, this newspaper and The Associated Press are continuing to push for public access to evidence in the federal case against Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy, four of his sons and 14 others. This past week attorney Maggie … [Read more...]

This is why the VA is a Mickey Mouse operation

Two years ago the secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs resigned in disgrace after it was revealed that veterans were being subjected to exceedingly long waiting periods to obtain health care and benefits and department officials were … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: There was an unnecessary verbal attack on a citizen of the city of Ely during the open comment section of the city council meeting held on May 26. The request made by myself, a citizen and member of the board of the Ely City Corral … [Read more...]

High court should follow judge’s rationale for upholding ESA program

The Nevada Supreme Court could save itself a lot of time and effort by just cutting and pasting a Clark County judge’s 45-page ruling this past week on the constitutionality of the state’s education savings account (ESA) law. Though Court Judge … [Read more...]

Resignation offers a glimpse into the state of newspapering in Nevada

The newspaper community in Nevada is a rather small clique of writers and editors, competing against each other for the hot news scoops and heart-tugging feature stories and precious pearls of political punditry. It is the competition that makes all … [Read more...]

Fallacious Supreme Court ruling probably dooms commerce tax referendum

Though anyone capable of signing a petition with anything other than an “X” understands that a vote to repeal a tax would require lawmakers to either cut spending or find revenue elsewhere, the Nevada Supreme Court in its infinite pettifogging wisdom … [Read more...]

Feds would rather spend money than allow machines in a wilderness

When it comes to preserving the pristineness of pristine wild lands, federal land managers are willing to spare no expense — since it is merely tax money, of which there is an endless supply. U.S. Forest Service plans to begin work soon on … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

TO THE EDITOR: In regards to an AP article published 5/18/16, “Sanders Defiant Over Ruckus,” I would like to give an eyewitness rebuttal to the charges made. The rules for the three-step process for the Nevada Democratic caucuses were illegally … [Read more...]

Rural HEALTH Act a worthy step toward saving rual hospitals

After the closure of Tonopah’s only hospital nearly a year ago left area residents hours away from an emergency room, Republican Rep. Cresent Hardy, whose district covers southern rural Nevada, began researching ways to protect the financial … [Read more...]