Education saving account opposition fails to persuade

Nevada’s Supreme Court justices heard arguments in two different cases this past week on whether to uphold the state’s education savings account (ESA) program as constitutional. Paul Clement, a former U.S. solicitor general who defended the law on … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: The Nevada Dept. of Taxation charges sales tax on home medical equipment. This adds to the cost of several life saving devices that people cannot afford and affects very sick children who need equipment like infant apnea monitors. … [Read more...]

Bailouts, arrogance and corruption in “The Big Short”

By Ron Knecht and Geoffrey Lawrence  Sometimes Hollywood hits a homerun. For example, The Big Short, the movie account of the US financial collapse of 2007-09.  Its all-star cast is notable.  But we were skeptical from the sound bites used in … [Read more...]

Why Nevadas should vote to legalize marijuana

Recently supporters of Question 2 on the November ballot, which would legalize and regulate the recreational use of marijuana, released a study of the economic impact on the state should the initiative gain voter approval. The analysis by RCG … [Read more...]

Ballot measures may let voters determine battle of titans

It can be rather entertaining to watch titans grapple for power — unless they are doing it in your backyard and you can be trampled. The titans in this case are billionaires Warren Buffett, whose companies own Nevada’s largest electricity provider … [Read more...]

Thoughts on the Republic National Convention

By Ron Knecht and Geoffrey Lawrence Nearly everyone, it seems, has been focused lately on Donald Trump’s nomination by the Republicans and now the chaos of the Democrat convention.  We want to celebrate some other important aspects of the GOP … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

Dear Ely Daily Times, My name is Corbi. I am nine-years-old. I live in Dimond Vally with my dad, mom, sister. I am writing to you about Mr. N. Mr. N. is a steer I am raising to sell at the fair. He is big and fat and probably delicious. The … [Read more...]

Court should slap down public pension records trickery

There is contempt of court. There is contempt of Congress. But there should also be contempt of public. This past week Nevada Policy Research Institute’s (NPRI) legal arm, Center for Justice and Constitutional Litigation (CJCL), filed suit in … [Read more...]

Jewell feels a drop of rain and declares sky is falling

Earlier this year Interior Secretary Sally Jewell delivered what could best be described as a doom and gloom speech about the state of disappearing “natural” lands in this country, primarily the West. She claimed there is an “emergence of an … [Read more...]

The world gets safer every day

By Ron Knecht and Geoffrey Lawrence  We were again reminded that ignorance can breed misunderstanding and occasionally violence. We were deeply saddened by the senseless murder of five police officers in Dallas.  The young shooter, an … [Read more...]