One person’s bias is another’s fact-based judgment

Fair treatment looks like bias to those who are accustomed to being shown obsequious deference. Once again federal lawyers who have been handed a rejection of their legal arguments by a federal judge are claiming that their case was not weak but … [Read more...]

But words can never hurt us

Public discourse is not for the squeamish. Governing is seldom a decorous endeavor. In fact, Nevada’s statute on public meetings encourages open debate and colloquy to the point that it absolutely exempts public officials from being sued for … [Read more...]

BLM sage grouse guidelines will bury land users in paperwork

The Bureau of Land Management this past week issued eight guideline memos instructing federal land managers in 11 Western states as to how they are to carry out policies intended to protect greater sage grouse — a move that threatens to bury … [Read more...]

Lawmakers should reject public funding for football stadium

Billionaire casino and newspaper owner Sheldon Adelson is threatening to take his football and go home if Nevada legislators don’t raise room taxes in Clark County to provide $750 million toward construction costs of his proposed $1.9 billion domed … [Read more...]

Nevada high school grads scored worst in nation on ACT test

This past week the administrators of the ACT test confirmed what we suspected a month ago when preliminary data were released, Nevada high school students are dead last in the nation in college preparedness. Nevada students eked out a mere 17.7 … [Read more...]

Celebration of a Fine Life and Two Great Careers

By Ron Knecht and Geoffrey Lawrence  This week we note a recent death and two retirements.  As Mr. Lincoln said: It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.  As we mourn the passing of a man, we are reminded of the joy and goodness … [Read more...]

Nevada slipping in its embrace of personal and economic freedom

Nevada ranking 12th in the nation in terms of economic and personal freedom, according to the Cato Institute, is not too shabby — until you notice that we’ve fallen from No. 5 in 2000. Having legalized gambling and county-option legalized … [Read more...]

Western officials fear new EPA rules could cripple mining operations

There is growing fear among officials across the West that in the waning days of the Obama administration his Environmental Protection Agency may enact regulations that could cost the hard rock mining industry billions of dollars, jeopardizing jobs … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: Eureka Cementery Cleanup Through our travels and adventures of paranormal investigating, we have had the pleasure to see beautiful and historic locations, experience exciting and sometimes terrifying events and to meet wonderful … [Read more...]

Most sheriffs and the governor oppose gun background check initiative

Three out of four Nevada county sheriffs agree, Question 1 on the November ballot, the Nevada Background Checks for Gun Purchases Initiative, should be voted down, because it will do nothing to prevent gun violence, will be too costly and merely put … [Read more...]