Mayor Van Camp 2017 State of the City

TO THE CITIZENS OF THE CITY OF ELY AND WHITE PINE COUNTY: INTRODUCTION One of the pleasant things about small town life in Ely is that it exposes us to many marvelous things, such as our wide open spaces, natural resources and dark skies.  We … [Read more...]

Lawmakers should repeal football stadium funding

It is called bait and switch. Lawmakers were summoned this past fall to Carson City and asked to pitch in $750 million toward financing a $1.9 billion domed football stadium that would house the Oakland Raiders and the UNLV football … [Read more...]

New senator wants to shred First Amendment protection

Nevada’s newly elected U.S. senator, Catherine Cortez Masto, has already taken up the cudgel against the First Amendment previously wielded by her predecessor, Harry Reid. She put out a press release recently announcing that she has joined with … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

To the editor:  I am writing concerning the appointment of Mr. Mike Coster to the position of municipal judge. There are several reasons this should not have happened. Foremost being, he is not a resident of the City of Ely. I have had numerous … [Read more...]

Voter registration version of don’t ask, don’t tell

After President Trump proclaimed to the world that the only reason Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million was that 3 million or more ballots were cast fraudulently — by noncitizens, by the dead or by Box 13 in Alice, Texas, where ballot … [Read more...]

Retirement system officials should respect transparency

What do you do with a rogue government agency that spends billions in taxpayer dollars but constantly dissembles, denies, deceives, dodges and dithers to avoid public scrutiny and does so by spending still more taxpayer money? For years the … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: I wanted to thank Mt. Wheeler Power crews for their quick response on January 29 at 4:00 p.m. to restore our power. Has been the coldest time of the year, yet no complaints from these guys when they have to respond to these outages. … [Read more...]

Billions for billionaries, pittance for parents

We now know the pecking order in Nevada. In his State of the State speech this past week Gov. Brian Sandoval boasted that the Tesla gigafactory near Sparks, in addition to making batteries for electric cars, would also be making electric motors … [Read more...]

Lawmakers must finally address public worker retirement reform

In his State of the State speech this past week Gov. Brian Sandoval tossed out tax money like trinkets and candy from a Mardi Gras parade float — a couple million here for this or that education program, a few million there for a veterans’ home, … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: I would like to thank the City Water Department for the excellent job they did when the water main broke on Elysium Dr. 12-26-16.In eleven degrees below zero weather, they worked diligently, never stopping until the water was one.I … [Read more...]