At Reid’s energy summit, no heretics or blasphemy allowed


At this past week’s Brother Harry’s seventh-annual Traveling Planet Salvation Show with all-day preaching and frequent amens from the choir — Can I get a witness, Brother? — presumptive presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton had the faithful … [Read more...]

Editorial: Nevada lawmakers need to finally tackle public employee pension costs


When the Nevada Legislature meets in the spring it’s going to have to sharpen a lot of pencils to figure out how to balance the coming biennial budget. Lawmakers must contend with growing public school enrollment, growing Medicaid enrollments, … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor


To the Editor: I am appalled —not surprised— by the City Council break in at the railroad. The people now seated at the head of the government for Ely are on a power trip—a exaction all too common when people are elected to office. With the … [Read more...]

Editorial: Council needs to obey laws

The behavior of the Ely City Council just took another leap up (or, is it down?) the scale of weird. On Tuesday, a day the Northern Railway is closed, the mayor and two councilmen showed up at the railway offices and demanded entry. When the … [Read more...]

How can Nevada provide justice for indigents accused of crimes in rural counties

A commission set up by Nevada’s Supreme Court has found that in rural counties the system for providing attorneys for poor people accused of crimes is broken and is in desperate need of fixing. The Indigent Defense Commission is expected to … [Read more...]

Point of View

By Mark Bassett Executive Director, NNRY Yesterday, Mayor Van Camp, Trustees Setterstrom and Westland accessed the offices of the Nevada Northern Railway building by removing the air conditioners from the windows on the second floor of the … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, My name is Doug Salisbury, owner of D&S Repair, Inc. I would like to inform the public that I have been sober for one year now. I no longer drink alcohol and have made many improvements to my business. We recently had a staff … [Read more...]

Editorial: Congress should block EPA effort to impose lower ozone standard

Just think of the Environmental Protection Agency as the princess and ozone as the pea, and you will get some idea of the scope of the problem. In 2008, the EPA set the ground-level ozone standard for air quality at 75 parts per billion (ppb). … [Read more...]

Time to stop warrantless searches and seizures of private property in Nevada

Civil asset forfeiture has turned into a fundraising scam for federal and local law enforcement agencies, who use the excuse that seized cash, cars and homes are the product of suspected criminal endeavors and thus forfeitable to the government, … [Read more...]

Point of View – City Council

By Melody Van Camp and Sam Hanson Mayor of Ely and Ely City Councilman  The comments raised in the two Op/Ed pieces in the 22 August edition of the Ely Times by Richard Howe and S.F.  concerning the recent actions of the Ely City Council have … [Read more...]

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