Nevada provides another example of why civil asset forfeitures should be banned

The pernicious and corrupting influence of civil asset forfeiture procedures is on display this summer in still another Nevada case. The temptations for law enforcement agencies are so great that some will connive, conspire and twist the Fourth … [Read more...]

EPA’s and Nevada’s clean power efforts cost much, fix nothing

Obama is trying to kill a gnat with an anvil. He rhapsodized recently about his administration’s Clean Power Plan from the EPA, and preached about the urgency to curb global warming now because 2014 was the planet’s warmest year on record and ice … [Read more...]

The financial problems with wind turbines and solar power

By Ron Knecht and Geoffrey Lawrence Nevada’s Controller and Assistant State Controller. We often hear that electricity can be generated cheaply and with no environmental impact from the wind and sun. Sounds good.  But long ago, folks were … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: During a Tour and Recreation board meeting, Mark Bassett had requested a grant for putting in grass and sprinklers between the freight barn and the depot. There was also other work that needed to be done around that area.  As a … [Read more...]

Bill might give Nevada a seat at the nuke waste negotiating table

Two weeks ago Nevada’s Sens. Harry Reid and Dean Heller introduced Senate Bill 1825, which, if passed, will require the Secretary of Energy to obtain the consent  of any affected state and local governments before establishing a nuclear waste … [Read more...]

Latest test scores show futility of throwing money at weak education reforms

Over the past four decades, according to a Cato Institute analysis, Nevada has increased K-12 public school funding by 80 percent per pupil, adjusted for inflation. During those four decades student test scores have actually fallen slightly. Now … [Read more...]

From the Capitol

By Ron Knecht Nevada State Controller Crash Davis was always a hero to me. In the 1988 movie Bull Durham, Crash is a slugging catcher nearing the end of a long minor league career.  He once spent 21 days in The Show.  The greatest 21 days of … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

A Public Letter to the President To the Editor: Millions of God loving American citizens were stunned and disappointed to see their cherished White House used to promote what God calls “wicked” and “evil”. And guess what, “Ignorance of God’s … [Read more...]

Nevada’s D.C. delegation could tip the scales in Iran deal

Believe it or not, the tiny Nevada delegation in Washington could play a significant role in international affairs, the likes of which could be compared to the Munich Pact of 1938 that inexorably led to World War II. Obama’s deal with Iran not … [Read more...]

You too can spot wildfires from the comfort of home

The Bureau of Land Management has new eyes to spot wildfires quickly so they can be attacked before they grow into huge acreage gobbling infernos. Those eyes could be yours. The BLM has handed the University of Nevada, Reno’s Seismological … [Read more...]