Resignation offers a glimpse into the state of newspapering in Nevada

The newspaper community in Nevada is a rather small clique of writers and editors, competing against each other for the hot news scoops and heart-tugging feature stories and precious pearls of political punditry. It is the competition that makes all … [Read more...]

Fallacious Supreme Court ruling probably dooms commerce tax referendum

Though anyone capable of signing a petition with anything other than an “X” understands that a vote to repeal a tax would require lawmakers to either cut spending or find revenue elsewhere, the Nevada Supreme Court in its infinite pettifogging wisdom … [Read more...]

Feds would rather spend money than allow machines in a wilderness

When it comes to preserving the pristineness of pristine wild lands, federal land managers are willing to spare no expense — since it is merely tax money, of which there is an endless supply. U.S. Forest Service plans to begin work soon on … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

TO THE EDITOR: In regards to an AP article published 5/18/16, “Sanders Defiant Over Ruckus,” I would like to give an eyewitness rebuttal to the charges made. The rules for the three-step process for the Nevada Democratic caucuses were illegally … [Read more...]

Rural HEALTH Act a worthy step toward saving rual hospitals

After the closure of Tonopah’s only hospital nearly a year ago left area residents hours away from an emergency room, Republican Rep. Cresent Hardy, whose district covers southern rural Nevada, began researching ways to protect the financial … [Read more...]

Baker on track to replace leaking water tank this summer

The residents of the tiny community of Baker at the entrance to Great Basin National Park can breathe a little easier now. David Sturlin, chairman of the Baker Water and Sewer General Improvement District, reports that the Bureau of Land … [Read more...]

Bundy and his followers should get a speedy, public trial

Rancher Cliven Bundy, two of his sons and their 16 co-defendants in the April 2014 armed standoff with federal agents trying to round-up Bundy’s cattle should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but prosecuted under the full constraints of … [Read more...]

Governor threatens suit over horse over population

Frustrated with the inability of federal land managers to control wild horse overpopulation, this past week Gov. Brian Sandoval put out a press release saying he plans to pursue legal action to force the federal agencies to fund wild horse population … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

To The Editor: Hello, my name is Will N. I am a fifth grade student at Harlan Intermediate School in Harlan, Iowa. My class is studying the geography and history of the United States. I am excited to learn more about your state of Nevada. I would … [Read more...]

A little GOP schooling: Do the math, read the history

Donald Trump keeps throwing temper tantrums like a spoiled school boy, complaining the system is rigged and crooked and he is being robbed of votes. “You’re going to have a very, very angry and upset group of people at the convention,” Trump said … [Read more...]