Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: One of the problems conservatives have with our president is his use of executive order to change policy without congress being able to vote on the issue. The Mayor’s and City Council’s attempt to keep the disincorporation bill off … [Read more...]

Nevada lawmakers must put a stop to civil assett forfeitures prior to conviction

The whole concept of civil asset forfeiture turns the law on its head, essentially finding people guilty until they can prove their innocence. Police departments and federal agencies across the country have been using civil procedures to seize … [Read more...]

Federal government’s fracking rules usurp states’ rights

Our masters in Washington are always searching for solutions to problems. They invariably find a solution even if they can’t find a problem. The Interior Department recently released a 400-page set of rules for fracking on public lands, which … [Read more...]

Point of View: The City of Ely – Where do we go from here? It’s up to YOU

By Gary Cook Ely Times Publisher In 2011, Marty Westland and Dale Derbidge were elected to the Ely City Council. Three new members, Bruce Setterstrom, Marion “Sam” Hanson and Randy Lee (Tammy Carlgren appointed to fill Randy’s vacancy), were … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: Angels Among Us! Two weeks ago I was trying to load a lot of newly cut wood in the back of my pick up that my neighbor had cut down.  He had two old trees and told the gentleman that cut them down that his neighbor (me) would … [Read more...]

Former Gov. Miller touts his failed education spending to promote Sandoval’s plan

This past week Gov. Brian Sandoval presented his proposed business license tax based on gross receipts in the form of Senate Bill 252 to a joint meeting of the state Senate and Assembly taxation committees. He insisted his proposal is not like the … [Read more...]

More problems with those Las Vegas water authority ranches

The folks at the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) are spreading ill will across rural Nevada counties like they were using a fertilizer spreader. A lawsuit filed in Clark County district court earlier this month resurrects allegations that … [Read more...]

Nevadans should not have to change our clocks twice a year

It is time to cast off our chains and free ourselves from slavery to the clock. Mankind once worked from can till cain’t, as my ol’ grandpappy used to say — from the time you can see till the time you can’t — and farmers and ranchers such as … [Read more...]

Lawmakers must jettison proposed doubling of minimum wage

In a sane world, one would feel reassured that Senate Joint Resolution No. 8 would never see the light of day, but we are talking about the Nevada Legislature, where anything can and does happen. Therefore, we feel obliged to shine a bright light on … [Read more...]

Point of View

By Mark Bassett Nevada Northern Railroad Executive Director The long awaited forensic audit was released last week by Larry Bertsch, CPA. In his presentation, Mr. Bertsch stated, “…the railroad is on a ‘going out of business’ curve.” Candidly, … [Read more...]