Congress should rein in Obama’s war on fossil fuel

The price of gasoline in parts of the country has dropped below $2 a gallon after hovering near $4 for so long. In fact, in the most basic terms, the price of gasoline is the lowest it has ever been. According to the American Enterprise Institute, … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: The holidays are over, we are in a new year, and it’s time to start looking ahead and making resolutions. One of my resolutions is to do at least one thing a month to help make our city a better place. The city council/mayor … [Read more...]

Think tank outlines how to make Nevada taxation fairer and more stable

The word that will be buzzing through the halls of the Nevada Legislature like a swarm of bees from February until June will be “taxes” — whether to raise them, create new ones or fix the ones we have. Our lawmakers would do well to heed the … [Read more...]

Local governments could save millions if freed from collective bargaining restrictions

One of the biggest costs at just about every level of local government across the state of Nevada is personnel. Over the years our lawmakers have made it difficult to control those costs by making public employee union collective bargaining … [Read more...]

Lawmakers should reform education, not just throw money at it

When Nevada lawmakers meet in Carson City in a couple of weeks the top priority will and must be education, but the focus should not be solely on funding, but on fundamental, meaningful reform focused like a laser beam on two key elements — choice … [Read more...]

Court should stop federal public land agencies from usurping our rights

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. The agencies in charge of federal public land have developed a penchant for “sue and settle” — some friendly environmental group files suit to demand protection of some weed, bug, minnow or rodent and … [Read more...]

Holding the line on taxation will take only 15 Assembly members

At this point, perhaps the best we can hope for is gridlock. The 2015 session of the Nevada Legislature is only a month away — 120 days during which our lives, liberties and property, especially our property, will be in jeopardy, as Mark Twain … [Read more...]

State should not interfere with life and death decisions of terminal patients

The founders of this nation were adherents to the concept of natural law, especially as outlined by philosopher John Locke, who stated that all individuals have the right to self-determination over their own lives, liberty and property and no … [Read more...]

Thanks for letting me serve as regent

By Ron Knecht Over a year ago, Don Carlson, former Western Nevada College sociology professor, graduated from good friend to guru, coach and consigliere – a great guy and a God-send for his political skills. I asked Don whom he thought my … [Read more...]


Point/Counterpoint is a new weekly addition to The Ely Times. Created by John Dishong, Point/Counterpoint posts a topic pulled from recent news stories on the Ely Point Counter Point Facebook group to spur discussion. The points and counterpoints are … [Read more...]