Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: My name is Mary Sorenson and I have a facebook page called Memories of the Ruth Mining Area. I have been asked to put a book together on these pictures and a history. It will include a history of Lane/Mineral City the town’s of … [Read more...]

Barela, Jensen March Elks students

Deshawn Joseph Barela and Kayla Brianna Jensen have been named Students of the Month for March, according to Ely Elks Lodge #1469. Barela, age 18, is the son of Bobbi and Junior Barela of Ely. Jensen, age 17, is the daughter of Kyle and Danielle … [Read more...]

Hage ranchers again plan Supreme Court appeal

It is like fighting the Hydra, cut off one head and two grow back. But the federal government is no myth. It is immortal. It has the power to print money and hire an army of attorneys whose job security depends on ceaseless litigation with no risk … [Read more...]

Supreme Court should quickly reject education savings account law challenge

In January District Judge James Wilson of Carson City issued an injunction blocking enactment of the Education Savings Accounts (ESA) approved by lawmakers in Senate Bill 302, saying it violated Article 11, Section 6.2 of the state … [Read more...]

There are consequences to practicing civil disobedience

Have you ever contemplated the prospects of living a simpler, more self-sufficient, unencumbered life? Perhaps on a few acres of land with the nearest neighbor over the horizon, down a dirt road? You could graze a few milk cows and make your own … [Read more...]

Obama has the nerve to lecture journalist on how to do their jobs

President Obama lecturing journalists on how to do their jobs is like Goldfinger lecturing James Bond. This past week Obama presented a journalism award along with a 30-minute speech at the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse … [Read more...]

Washington should let Nevada sets its own clocks

Nevadans have once again gone through the futile and counterproductive ordeal of resetting all our clocks to comply with the dictates of our elected naifs in Washington. We are now temporarily on Pacific Daylight Saving Time, despite the fact our … [Read more...]

Sen. Heller pushing for faster approval of broadband easements

Once again Nevada’s Washington representatives are having to resort to legislation to force the slothful federal land agencies to more quickly allow the public access to rights of way across putatively public lands. Earlier this month Nevada … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

Dear People of the Great State of Nevada: Hello. I am a fourth grade student in North Carolina. In fourth grade, we do state reports and I have chosen your state. I am very excited to learn more about the great state of Nevada as I work on my … [Read more...]

Is Nevada being unconstitutionally awed into obedience to the feds?

Over the years the battle to grant states greater control over the vast swath of federal public land have ebbed and flowed. There have been court battles, mostly lost. There have been legislative resolutions and bills, mostly ignored, as well as … [Read more...]