Letters to the Editor

To the editor: I was very impressed with the thoughtful and documented approach taken by the Railroad Board of Trustees in deciding to designate two new management board members. The railroad is truly the crown jewel of Ely tourist trade. As well … [Read more...]

Doling out tax favors to private companies does nothing to improve state’s economy

Largely overlooked at first during all the congratulatory back slapping — which came with the news that Tesla Motors had built an earthen pad in an industrial park east of Sparks for its new $5 billion lithium-ion battery “gigafactory” that would … [Read more...]

Editorial: What is city council thinking?

What is the Ely City Council trying to accomplish in steamrolling the management board of the Nevada Northern Railroad? In what can only be described as a bizarre move, the council in its last meeting fired the president and the vice president of … [Read more...]

Editorial: Battle for Mount Lewis should concern all rural Nevadans

It is like going up against the Sheriff of Nottingham, who has absolute authority and is answerable only to a far away, uninterested king. In May the Bureau of Land Management relented and announced it had come to a year-long deal with ranchers on … [Read more...]

Point of View

By Richard Howe White Pine County Commissioner About six months ago I wrote an op-ed for The Ely Times about forming one government in White Pine County. This would involve combining the county and city governments. Past events and more … [Read more...]

Bills to hand over federal public land to local governments advance … again

Pardon us for not swooning in anticipation of the economic windfall about to be bestowed on rural Nevada by the seven public lands bills that were again passed out of a House committee just before the August recess. Both of Nevada’s congressmen … [Read more...]

Editorial: Reid schedules Senate vote on repealing free speech section of First Amendment

The U.S. Senate slipped out of D.C. for its August recess just as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid scheduled a vote on a constitutional amendment that would repeal the free speech section of the First Amendment. The vote on S.J. Res. 19 will take … [Read more...]

U.S. Supreme Court sends message to Nevada judges: Butt out of election campaigns

A Supreme Court opinion from earlier this summer should send a message to Nevada judges to butt out of election campaigns. The court reversed and remanded a case out of Ohio that involved a law making it a crime for any person to “[p]ost, publish, … [Read more...]

Editorial: Margins tax could scare off potential job creators, like Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors has now confirmed it has broken ground on land outside Reno for a potential site for a $5 billion lithium-ion battery factory that would employ as many as 6,500 workers. According to a Las Vegas news account, in a letter to … [Read more...]

How to stop a charging bureaucrat? Take away his credit cards

If you can’t get a bill passed in Congress telling a federal agency to stop doing something, just slip some language into the appropriate appropriations bill denying funding for doing it. That’s what happened with wild horses. Though the law … [Read more...]

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