Reid hypocritical in his arguments about Supreme Court nomination process

Some people are ambidextrous. Harry Reid is ambioratory. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth. This past week one of Sen. Reid’s staffers penned an op-ed column that ran under his name in The Washington Post on the topic of replacing the late, … [Read more...]

A few things to cogitate before going to the presidential caucuses

In a matter of days Nevada Democrats and Republicans will be asked to lend their support to one of their parties’ candidates in the state’s first-in-the-West caucuses. The decisions will be closely watched by the rest of the nation and could help … [Read more...]

Absurdly trivial conflicts escalate to tragedy

T he absurdity of it all would be comical if the consequences were not so extraordinarily dire. One man is dead, shot to death by officers at a roadblock. Father and son ranchers are in prison serving mandatory five-year terms under an … [Read more...]

The greatest moments in film – Part 1

By Ron Knecht and Geoffrey Lawrence  We need a break from politics.  So, today we begin a series of occasional articles recounting the greatest moments in film: the most heroic, noble, moving, coolest and just plain fun scenes. Unlike annoying … [Read more...]

State of the City Address

By Mayor Melody Van Camp It’s my great honor to deliver the State of the City Address. As Mayor, I feel that it’s imperative to keep the community informed as to the projects, plans, successes and hopes for the City of Ely. City Hall has been … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: I would like to thank Ross Johnson for his article on the condition of Yelland Field.  The airport has been ignored by the county commissioners far to long. They seemed surprised by the report, what did they expect? Geri … [Read more...]

Solving the Teacher Shortage Problem

In a couple of months, the Clark County School District will begin hiring teachers for the next school year.  Will they find enough teachers to fill the current vacancies and the anticipated openings due to retirements and resignations? By all … [Read more...]

Where the presidential candidates stand on public land issues

With the Nevada presidential caucuses just weeks away we are offering readers a glimpse into the stances of the candidates on a key issue — federal public lands control. For the Democrats there is not much choice. Bernie Sanders has not taken a … [Read more...]

Governor offering a way to save sage grouse and mining

Gov. Brian Sandoval is imploring the Interior Department to accept a state-created alternative to its proposed draconian plan to remove millions of acres of federal public land from productive use — specifically mining — as a way of paying lip … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: I’m writing to request a favor from your readers. In a college course I’m taking to become a teacher, my professor has assigned us a project to learn about a town in the U.S. She’s requiring that we do this without the use of … [Read more...]