Local teacher helps keep Shoshone language alive

More than a decade into the 21st century, one local Shoshone is dedicated to keeping his native language alive. Boyd Graham, who lives on the Duckwater Reservation in Nye County, commutes every day to work at the Ely Colony and teach at White Pine … [Read more...]

AT&T internet issues to be addressed in near future

  Within weeks, a long-time local internet infrastructure issue will approach the first step to a possible resolution. Most Ely and White Pine residents rely on AT&T as the most convenient, and at times the sole, option for cable … [Read more...]

Snow Removal

The Large amounts of snow, broken water mains, freezing of snow and ice has hampered the Cities removal of snow.  Good intentions from  those with snow plows have covered up fire hydrants, which caused delays in the snow removal as we had to attend … [Read more...]

Volunteers clean up Lehman Cave

  During the Jan. 22 to 24 weekend, Great Basin National Park hosted its annual Lehman Caves lint camp cleanup. About 25 volunteers from three states carried buckets, brushes and other cleaning supplies into the cave network. Inside … [Read more...]

Federal judge rules against Baker GID

Two weeks ago, a federal judge in Reno issued a significant ruling on a county level challenge to federal conservation policy, and a local infrastructure issue played a significant part in the proceedings. On Jan. 5, United States District Judge … [Read more...]

Local priest serves Vegas homeless

  By the time Father John McShane arrived in Ely in 2013, he had become well accustomed to the “Frontier Parish,” spending more than 20 years as a Catholic priest across Nevada’s rural interior. “I love the beauty of the area,” he … [Read more...]

Ely City Council to have special strategic meeting

On Friday, Jan. 8, the Ely City Council will convene a special meeting at the Jailhouse restaurant. The purpose of the 9 a.m. meeting is to create and possibly adopt a strategic plan for the city, including a mission statement and a vision statement, … [Read more...]

Snow for Christmas

Another Pacific storm system drove low pressure, moisture and cold temperatures across the Sierra Nevada and into the Great Basin on Tuesday, Dec. 22, blanketing the area with record breaking snowfall and temperatures well below … [Read more...]

Great Basin National Park gets observatory

  Great Basin National Park is getting a world class telescope and observatory. The national park’s foundation has surpassed its fundraising goal of $480,000, which will be used to purchase and build a research-grade PlaneWave CDK700 … [Read more...]

City Council and County Commission reach a temporary solution on fire services

On Dec. 10 the Ely City Council, along with the Ely Liquor Licensing Board and White Pine Historical Railroad Foundation, held their regular twice-monthly meeting at the Ely Volunteer Fire Hall. Among the topics discussed and acted upon were … [Read more...]