America, Let’s Be No. 1 at Corruption!

By Danny Tyree Despite all the caterwauling you hear about nepotism, rigged elections, waivers, loopholes, crony capitalism, foxes guarding henhouses, gerrymandered legislative districts, incompetent court-appointed attorneys, misleading … [Read more...]

Independence Day: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Typos

By Danny Tyree Hope you enjoy your watermelon, fireworks and parades this Independence Day. I’m sort of burned out on the holiday. Somehow or another I got corralled into proofreading a history textbook chapter on the American Revolution. … [Read more...]

Let’s Have More Wrist Slap Punishments

By Danny Tyree I’m being facetious when I say that this country needs more wrist-slap punishments, but things have gone to the other extreme far too long. Pay attention to the news and you’ll be surprised at how many firings and forced res … [Read more...]

Toy Gun Buyback? Just Shoot Me

By Danny Tyree According to and other sources, Stobridge Elementary School in Hayward, California may be shooting itself in the foot, publicity-wise. As part of a safety day, the school sponsored a touchy-feely toy gun b … [Read more...]