Nevada disclosure law fails free speech muster

Would that Nevada had a few judges as perspicacious as ones found in Arizona and Mississippi. While a Carson City judge was fining and penalizing a Virginia-based conservative group more than $100,000 for buying television commercials without … [Read more...]

Road to Utopia Paved with Coal, Not Gas

Nevada zigged while everyone else zagged. Our Legislature passed and Gov. Brian Sandoval signed into law Senate Bill 123, which requires NV Energy to prematurely close perfectly good, reliable, acceptably clean and inexpensive coal-fired power … [Read more...]

Land Task Force to Study Transfer of Federal Property

By Thomas Mitchell While there was ample news coverage of the legislative session’s debates over taxes, gay marriage, medical marijuana, gun background checks and the state dog, there was hardly a ripple produced by the one bill that p … [Read more...]